Exhibition bookings open

THANK YOU for your interest in exhibiting at the Bloem Show 2024.

Please enter your email address for an application form:

    The process that will follow:

    Step 1:  Applications will be emailed via Docusign

    Step 2:  Complete and sign the application form electronically and attached photos of product, as well as company registration document (or in case of individuals a copy of ID)

    Step 3:  Applications will be approved through a selection criteria.

    Step 4:  Approved applications will be informed by email and attached you will find an invoice, summary of timelines, map of allocations and general Terms and conditions.

    Step 5:  The official agreement to ensure the booking will be emailed via Docusign

    Step 6:  All exhibitors information will be mailed to ensure you have all info needed and this will also be available on our website.

    Step 7:  Our debtors department will ensure that all payments will be paid in time.

    Step 8:  Staff will enter through facial recognition during the 2024 Bloem Show.  A spreadsheet to complete name, surname and ID number will be mailed prior to the show.

    Capturing of photos can be done from September at our offices or the three days of build-up.

    Indoor exhibition halls

    As a follow up of this year’s, please see the sections that the halls will be divided in for 2024.criteria

    Exhibition halls

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