Social Responsibility & Outreach

Social Responsibility & Outreach

The Bloem show (Central Agricultural Society) is committed to reach out to the community.
We have been involved in the following projects:

Martie du Plessis hockey field

Bloem Show  is proud to be part of the new hockey field at Martie du Plessis. Together we make a difference.

Bloem Show’s 67minutes contribution for Nelson Mandela

Bloem Show personnel like the rest of the country, gathered early this morning to spend 67 minutes doing good for others in commemoration of Nelson Mandela. This year Bloem Show visited the Sunflower Children’s Hospice and breakfast was made for the security and maintenance staff at the show grounds.Furthermore, the kind gesture was extended to the Towers of Hope .

Sunflower Children’s Hospice is a non-profit organisation that provides care and compassion for all children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions. The aim of Sunflower Children’s Hospice is to keep children within their families and communities as far as possible, with relevant supervision and support.

Towers of Hope, seeks to identify with vulnerable people and to serve them unconditionally in their immediate needs.  In their food program basic meals are served three times a day, while food parcels are distributed amongst those trying to take responsibility for their lives.

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