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Tickets for Bloem Show 26 April 2019

Miss Windmill Bloem Show & Miss Teen Bloem Show with Holly Rey as guest artist (19h00-21h00)

Tickets for Bloem Show 27 April 2019

BLOEM CLASSIC 2019 bodybuilding competition, Computicket Talent search semi finals – Wimpy stage, Little Miss Bloem show & Little Miss Daisy – Wimpy stage

Tickets for Bloem Show 28 April 2019

Big Bounce Troupe trampoline performance – Vertical Signs arena, Lollos

Tickets for Bloem Show 29 April 2019

Auctioneer competition with Lizz Meiring- Wimpy stage, Lizz Meiring one man show, Jo Black in conjuction with OFM

Tickets for Bloem Show 30 April 2019

Computicket Talent Search final – Wimpy stage, Elandre in conjuction with OFM

Tickets for Bloem Show 01 May 2019

Dance extravaganza by different dance schools

Tickets for Bloem Show 02 May 2019

Demi Lee Moore and Bok van Blerk

Tickets for Bloem Show 03 May 2019

1SSB military parade – Vertical Signs arena, Wrestling, Oval track racing

Tickets for Bloem Show 04 May 2019

Prince KayBee

Tickets for the Bloem Show Fun Fair

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Please note that the service provider changed the number of tokens needed per ride to half of what it was in the past to make it more convenient for the public eg. Big rides that needed 6 tokens, now only 3.  Token normal fee is R20 each.

The Early bird special is therefore still for the SAME number of rides, although you get half of the tokens. (bv. R600 for 60 tokens, instead of 120 tokens in the past)

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