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Tickets for Bloem Show 23 April 2021

Miss Windmill Bloem Show & Miss Teen Bloem Show with Simple Story as guest artist (19h00-21h00) – Coca Cola stage

Tickets for Bloem Show 24 April 2021

BLOEM CLASSIC 2020 bodybuilding competition (19:00-21:00) – Coca Cola stage

Little Miss Bloem Show & Little Miss Daisy (11:00) – Wimpy stage

Tickets for Bloem Show 25 April 2021

Bloem Show Polo Africa polo game (13:00-14:30) – Vertical signs main arena

Free State Fashion Week (16:00-17:00) – Vertical signs main arena

Tickets for Bloem Show 26 April 2021

Auctioneer competition with Lizz Meiring (10:00-13:00) – Wimpy stage

Dance Extravaganza with MC Dillon Lerm (10:00-18:00) – Coca Cola stage

Early B (20:00) – Coca Cola stage

Tickets for Bloem Show 27 April 2021

Lollos in conjunction with Radio Rosestad (12:00) – Coca Cola stage

Elvis Blue & Snotkop in conjunction with OFM (19:00) – Coca Cola stage


Tickets for Bloem Show 28 April 2021

“Wild Wednesday for students”

Spoegwolf (19:00) – Coca Cola stage

Unlimited rides special @ the Fun Fair

Tickets for Bloem Show 29 April 2021

Karen Zoid in conjunction with OFM (19:00) – Coca Cola stage

Tickets for Bloem Show 30 April 2021

Monster Energy FMX Flight Night (17:00; 20:00) – Vertical Signs main arena

Dans extravaganza with MC Dillon Lerm (10:00-18:00) – Coca Cola stage

Checkers Cheese and Wine in conjunction with Get it (17:00-20:00) – Tulip Hall

Tickets for Bloem Show 01 May 2021

Shasha (19:00), Bontle Smith (20:00), Kamo Mphela (21:00) – Coca Cola stage

Oval track (15:00-19:00) – Vertical Signs main arena

Tickets for the Bloem Show Fun Fair

Get 50% discount on Fun Fair tickets for TOKENS for Bloem Show 2021

This year at the Bloem Show fun fair:

  • 30+rides – 5 new rides, included Venetian double storey Carousel
  • Early bird 50% discount till 22 April @ 17h00 – R600 vir 60 tokens (instead of 30 tokens)
  • Special packages of R200 for unlimited rides till 21:00 on Wednesday, 28 April
  • Win a daily R500 cash prize at the Fun fair! Did you choose to sit on the lucky seat for the day?

Hierdie jaar by die Bloemskou Pretpark:

  • 30+ rite – 5 nuwe rite, dit sluit in Venetian double storey Carousel
  • Afslag op vooraf aankope tot 22 April 17h00 – R600 vir 60 tokens (in plaas van 30 tokens)
  • Spesiale pakketprys van R200 vir onbeperkte ritte tot 21:00 op Woensdag, 28 April
  • Wen daagliks ’n R500 kontant prys by die pretpark!  Sit jy dalk op die gelukkige gemerkte sitplek van die dag?


Please note that the service provider changed the number of tokens needed per ride to half of what it was in the past to make it more convenient for the public eg. Big rides that needed 6 tokens, now only 3.  Token normal fee is R20 each.

Buy your Early Bird fun fair tickets till 22 April 2021 @ 17:00 and receive 50% discount which means you ONLY pay R600 for 60 tokens, normal prices is R600 for 30 tokens.

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